E7 International Has Opened in NY!

Jul 01, 2017




“New York is a metropolis of new entrepreneurs, bustling business people, and dreamers. This is the city where dreams come true and vision becomes reality. E7 International has recently opened up in New York and we’re excited to be in this city offering our marketing services to clients and customers,” says James Wilson managing director of E7 International. Our philosophy is simple and straightforward, “E7 International Inc’s philosophy emerged from a house of national championship winning college soccer players, you don’t have to be a sports nut to enjoy being part of our team. We believe that successful teamwork is about having clear and common goals, great communication, proper training with the right tools, masses of energy and enthusiasm, trust in your team mates, celebrating successes together and, yes, lots of hard work,” mentions James Wilson of E7 International.


We believe in the vision of our clients. Clients and customers are what make companies great. Without them, our services would not be spreading by word of mouth of even be known to the general public. “The idea behind E7 International is to be different. To provide that personal touch with professional methods. Being realistic while understanding our client’s needs. We believe in the power of communication and reaching mutual agreements with different projects we do,” says James Wilson of E7 International. We have become known for what we do in a short span of time. Currently, we chose New York as our next stop because it gives us an opportunity to meet the city’s people and new clientele. It offers us the chance to be broader in our efforts and personal in our methods.


Our team is also one that is very excellent. They are hard working individuals that have build E7 to be one of the most passionate crew members ever. “Our business partners and crew are why we’re so special. We’re known for being big and bold and we have a work hard, play hard company culture. Our crew is like family and we make sure we help each other but we’re also competitive to reach our own targets as well!” says James Wilson of E7 International.


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