E7 Incorporated Shares The Value of Goal Setting

Sep 01, 2017




Take a moment and think about it: why is goal setting important? Why do we need direction and aim in life? At E7 Incorporated, we believe that goals and aims shape us towards the future. We are able to look at our goals and see exactly what we need to do to achieve it. “Goals and dreams aren’t just achieved overnight. These things take time. But what’s more important is what you do to set these goals. How are you going about it?” states James Wilson, managing director of E7 Incorporated. Goals are excellent because they cause us to expand in ways we never thought possible. They help us reach our highest potential and keeps us challenged in life.

“Goal setting provides a lifelong perspective and view for our future. We have to get past the obstacles and work hard to be able to achieve our goals. When we realize that, everything will flow how it’s supposed to. But you can’t ever give up — that’s not how anyone succeeds,” says James Wilson of E7 Incorporated. At E7 Incorporated we found some tips to be able to see what helps with goal settings, by practicing these our representatives have been able to keep steady towards their most wanted goals.

Evaluate and Analyze

Are you doing what you’re supposed to when it comes to reaching your goals? This is a daily task, so make sure you’re giving analyzation to whatever you’re doing to reach your dreams. See where your progress is and see what isn’t working for you. This is similar to starting the gym. See what machines work and what don’t eliminate or add and work around what you need.

Why? Understand your Dreams

Being able to know why you’re going towards a goal is a great feeling. The ability to be able to establish and set goals to live your dream is the greatest feeling. Understand what you want and practice it every day to reach it. This is the only way — persistence and consistency.

Time Management

Every single goal should have a start and finish timeline. Make sure you’re managing your time well to work towards your goals. You can’t just assume to get what you want without putting in any work or time. It’s hard work, but with diligence and proper timelines, everything will fall into place.

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