E7 Incorporated Shares “What the Creation of Apple’s iPhone Teaches Us About Innovation”

Sep 15, 2017




Apple is known for its innovation and creativity. “Steve Jobs is known to many as one of the most inspirational inventors and innovators that have ever lived. Among the greatest, his legacy will always live on, and Apple is always something that will stay ahead of its competitors,” says James Wilson, managing director of E7 Incorporated. In an article on entrepreneur.com, the article “What the Creation of Apple’s iPhone Teaches Us About Innovation” writer Nina Zipkin discusses what a strong force Apple has become because of it’s innovativity. “Recently there was an unveiling and launch that showcased three new phones: iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. It marked the ten-year anniversary of when the first iPhone had launched in 2007. Not only is this a great accomplishment, but Apple has sold billions of iPhone since then. Users keep returning back to it and have been loyal to it since they’ve been using it,” says James Wilson of E7 Incorporated.


Zipkin writes, “The app store would officially launch the following summer, and would be another hit for the tech giant, with 10 million downloads in the first weekend alone, a feat made possible by the platform that the mobile phone provided. Today, we use our phones to do everything from hail rides to find dates to avoid any and all eye contact on public transportation. Of course, there were and are other smartphones out there, but it is hard to argue with how the iPhone has captured the consumer imagination with the potent combination of Apple’s technology, secrecy, and flair for design.” “It can be argued, but Apple has stayed ahead of its competition because they wanted to keep making its devices better and better. There’s always this battle between android users and iPhone users. It depends and for us Apple has captured consumer imagination,” says James Wilson of E7 Incorporated.


When the latest iPhones are available to buy off the market, we’re excited to try them out and see if they hold up to the hype. The presentation and live video on Apple seemed very intriguing. Now we just need to try it for ourselves and see if the device is worth it. We’re excited and praise Apple because they never fail to come through with the best products. Each time it gets better and better, and from the looks of the X, it seems like an exceptional and revolutionary device.


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